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Training & further education

Training and further education at Zaunergroup

At ZAUNERGROUP, we firmly believe that continuing education unleashes the superpowers of our employees. Just as superhero:ins constantly work on their skills, we rely on continuous training to strengthen our teams and be ready for any challenge.

Our training initiatives are key to uncovering hidden talents and developing new skills. Much like superpowers enable us to rise above, targeted training allows us to push our limits and keep us on the cutting edge.

Our strategy

At ZAUNERGROUP, the definition of training and further education measures takes place in several steps. In an annually recurring further development discussion, the development needs of the employees are defined with the respective manager and specified in the form of concrete measures. In addition to on-the-job training and classic job-enlargement or job-enrichment activities, further training measures in the form of courses are planned at the individual level. These are included in the training budget and are subsequently implemented. A training catalog with a standard range of training courses forms the basis for these training measures. Together with the management, training focal points are defined and prioritized for each fiscal year. These focal points relate either to a specific target group (e.g. executives) or to several employee groups (e.g. project management training, technical training, language courses, etc.) and are specified centrally.

Particularly noteworthy is the module “Healthy Leadership” from our leadership development program, which dealt intensively with the topic of healthy leadership behavior and healthy employees. This module made clear to the participants the importance of healthy leadership behavior and its effects on the health of employees. The program thus contributes to a better understanding of leadership and a healthy work environment.

Onboarding and training

Onboarding and training at ZAUNERGROUP are key to welcoming our new team members from the start and preparing them for a successful journey in our company.

Our goal is to ensure that new employees quickly find their way around our company and feel comfortable in their role. We create a framework that enables them to develop their full potential and make a positive contribution to our team and projects.

Project management training - program

At ZAUNERGROUP, we place great emphasis on the continuous training of our teams and have therefore developed a comprehensive training program: the Zauner Training Program “Project Management@Zaunergroup”.

This program is designed to equip our project team members (from project management to project staff) with the latest tools, techniques and best practices, and to familiarize them with Zauner’s specific processes. Every Zauner hero and heroine should be given a solid foundation in project management.

Management training - program

At ZAUNERGROUP, we attach great importance to the development of managers – both nationally and internationally. Our comprehensive and multi-part leadership development program not only imparts fundamental knowledge, but also accompanies our participants individually during and after the courses through personal individual and group coaching sessions.

Our program lays the foundation by imparting essential leadership knowledge and skills. But it goes beyond theoretical knowledge: we place a strong emphasis on practical application to equip our leaders with the skills they need to tackle complex challenges, inspire their teams, and achieve meaningful results.

What makes our program special is our individualized approach. We understand that leadership skills are personal and unique. That’s why we offer an individual potential analysis before the program starts to ensure that our participants can work specifically on their potential and receive individualized support. The opportunity to participate in individual and group coaching sessions also ensures a sustainable exchange with colleagues and enables learning beyond the course.

Technical training

Our training courses in piping technology offer our team members the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of planning, design and maintenance of piping systems. These trainings are not only theoretical, but also emphasize practical applications to ensure that the knowledge gained can be successfully applied in real projects.

In addition to our internal training, we also recognize the value of external training. We support individual development and offer our team members the opportunity to participate in customized external trainings. These trainings enable our employees to further their education in specific areas and gain valuable expertise that benefits our customers.

Individual further development - the further development discussion

At ZAUNERGROUP, our mission is to support our employees in their professional growth and to develop their potential. The annual development review (WEG) for our Zauner heroes is a central part of this commitment.

Our employees are our true heroes – they contribute to the success of our company and set exceptional standards. The annual development review is our way of showing them appreciation and working together to shape their individual career goals and development paths.

In these discussions, we not only recognize past successes, but also set goals for the future. We create a space to identify strengths, discuss challenges and create personalized development plans. This is not just about professional progress, but also about personal development.