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Sustainability at Zaunergroup

We take responsibility

Even when our company was founded 25 years ago, our primary goal was to create lasting value. Safety, health and environmental protection have always been top priorities at Zauner.

We must consider the impact on our children and their children in all our undertakings. Our decisions must be suitable for grandchildren. Therefore, we want to do everything in our power to ensure that future generations will have a world worth living in. Responsible corporate governance based on our values has always been more important to us than short-term profit. We began systematically introducing holistic sustainability management in our company around five years ago. At that time, this was still uncharted territory for many in our plant engineering industry.

In September 2020 we published our first sustainability report. All the feedback we received on it from our stakeholders was extremely positive. “We take responsibility” is and remains our guiding principle at ZAUNERGROUP.

The path to greatness is with others. Motivation, passion and team spirit characterize our Zauner heroes.

Andreas BeckManaging Director

What contribution do we make?

As a family business, we think in terms of generations. Sustainable action is therefore very close to our hearts. That’s why we are currently working on a new edition of the sustainability report, which we will publish in the fall of 2023. With the extension of non-financial reporting requirements to large companies and the application of the Taxonomy Regulation, sustainability management will become mandatory for us from fiscal 2025. With the upcoming sustainability report, we are already setting the course towards statutory reporting requirements and at the same time taking the opportunity to take our entire sustainability management to the next level. We are and will remain a family business. Our employees appreciate the path we have taken and are actively involved in the implementation of our sustainability program in our Zauner family.



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