Diversity & Equality - Zauner Nachhaltigkeit

Diversity & equality

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Zaunergroup is fully committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion. We stand firmly behind the belief that every employee – whether full or part-time – has the right to be treated fairly and equally, regardless of characteristics such as age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, origin (national and ethnic), religion and belief.

We categorically reject any form of discrimination and regard diversity as well as equal opportunities as a source of our strength and competitive advantage. In a world increasingly characterized by diversity, we recognize the enrichment that different perspectives and backgrounds bring. This diversity not only fosters innovation, but also enables us to better respond to the needs and desires of our employees, customers and society at large.

We expressly condemn all forms of exclusion, bullying, sexual harassment, intimidation and violence. Our working environment should be free of fear so that each employee can develop his or her talents and contribute to the creation of a respectful and cooperative atmosphere.

Zaunergroup’s corporate values are based on the individual contributions and personalities of our employees. We are proud that our success is based on their unique skills and backgrounds, without bias toward characteristics such as age, gender, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religion.

Our owners and management are in full alignment with these principles. They are firmly committed to fostering a culture based on respect, justice and equality. We believe that an inclusive and diverse work environment is not only ethically right, but also strengthens and positions our company for a sustainable future.

In this spirit, we continue our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion, working together to create a world where every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Diversity and inclusion makes us more flexible, innovative and stronger. Our goal is to build a balanced management structure. We fill our management positions with the best employees.

We recognize the importance of work-life balance and support measures such as part-time work, family leave, paternity leave and partial retirement. These initiatives enable our employees to balance their professional responsibilities with their personal and family needs.

In addition, we attach great importance to knowledge management and the exchange of experience between generations. We create an atmosphere of learning and mutual knowledge sharing that allows us to benefit from the expertise and experience of each individual.

Overall, at ZAUNERGROUP we are firmly committed to creating a diverse, inclusive and equal opportunity work environment based on respect, openness and collaboration. We are convinced that these values will enrich and drive us forward not only as a company, but also as a community.


Childcare (summer)

Thanks to very good childcare facilities in the places where our employees live, they can devote themselves to their work at our company without any worries. In summer, when many childcare facilities are closed, we offer free childcare for a few weeks near the company headquarters in Wallern. Every year, the children visibly have fun at the Zauner summer care.

Parental leave also for dads

We at ZAUNERGROUP welcome and support the increasing use of parental leave by fathers. In addition to the already established and important Papamonat, we see the extension of parental leave as a significant step towards a work-life balance for all parents.

We are aware that in practice it is not always easy for fathers – as well as for mothers – to take several months off from work. Nevertheless, we are grateful for our extremely competent and dedicated teams who make it possible to bridge this time successfully. We rely on a culture of mutual support and smooth knowledge transfer so that work is in good hands during parental leave.

It is important to us that not only one parent has the opportunity to take parental leave, but that both parents are given the chance to actively participate in the care of their children. This not only promotes the bond between parents and children, but also enables the other parent to successfully re-enter the workforce after maternity leave.

Our vision is to create a work environment where family-friendliness and professional progress go hand in hand. We are committed to meeting the needs of our employees and value the diversity of life paths they bring with them. The increasing participation of fathers in parental leave is a positive step toward equality and work-life balance that we actively support.


The re-entry into the workforce after a period of leave can be a phase characterized by various emotions. At ZAUNERGROUP, we understand the significance of this step and strive to provide returning employees with a supportive framework.

We recognize that this transition can bring both anticipation of rejoining the familiar team and routine work, as well as uncertainties regarding separation from one’s child. We are aware of the emotional rollercoaster that can accompany this step and aim to be there for our employees during this phase.

Our priority is to make the re-entry as smooth as possible. We enable employees to return to their familiar roles or, if necessary, to take on a new suitable role that aligns with their current life circumstances. Through clear communication, individual support, and flexible work models, we create a positive environment that makes it easier for re-entrants to reintegrate into the workforce.

We understand that re-entry is a personal process, and we are committed to ensuring that it occurs in a manner that takes the needs and concerns of our employees seriously. At ZAUNERGROUP, we strive to create a work environment where professional development and personal well-being go hand in hand, making re-entry a positive experience.

Part-Time Leadership

At ZAUNERGROUP, we recognize the importance of flexible work models in fostering a modern and inclusive work culture. Part-time leadership is a central aspect of this flexibility for us. We firmly believe that the effectiveness and qualifications of a leader are not tied to the number of hours worked.

Our belief is founded on the understanding that leadership is more than mere presence. It involves strategic thinking, effective communication, team management, and the ability to motivate and support people. These competencies are independent of the number of hours a leader works per week.

Part-time leadership provides the opportunity to strike a balanced harmony between professional and personal commitments. We support our leaders in structuring their work hours in a way that allows them to fulfill their team responsibilities while also having ample room for their personal needs.

By promoting part-time leadership, we not only enhance individual flexibility but also enrich the diversity of our leadership ranks. We create space for various life models and enable talented individuals to tailor their leadership roles to their unique life circumstances.

Ultimately, part-time leadership is about results and values, not the clock. At ZAUNERGROUP, we take pride in nurturing a culture where part-time leaders are valued just as much as their full-time counterparts.


Home office

“Home office is not just an option at ZAUNERGROUP, but an integral part of our modern work philosophy. We understand the importance of flexibility and the positive impact that working from home can have.

By offering home office, we enable our employees to design their work environment to be most productive. We trust our teams to work independently and effectively, whether they are in the office or working from home.

The home office also promotes work-life balance by allowing employees to balance their work commitments with personal needs. It can help reduce work stress and increase satisfaction.

Waste separation

Our employees are important players in this process. We promote awareness of waste separation through information and clear labeling. Every correct decision we make in waste separation has a positive impact on the environment and helps minimize our ecological footprint.

Company bike “Firmenradl”

Firmenradl is more than just a means of transport – it is a symbol of our commitment to the environment. By offering our employees the opportunity to use bicycles through our leasing program, we not only promote a healthier lifestyle, but also reduce our CO2 emissions and help relieve pressure on the transportation infrastructure.

Organic fruit

We believe that a balanced diet plays a key role in physical and mental health. By providing fresh, high-quality organic fruit free of charge, we help our employees make conscious and healthy dietary choices.

The organic fruit is not just a snack, but also a symbol of our appreciation for the people who give their best every day to drive our corporate success. It serves as a source of energy for productive workdays while fostering a sense of community when we take healthy breaks together.

Business trips – Co2 neutral

Our business trips are CO2 neutral. We rely on environmentally friendly travel options to minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to the fight against climate change.

We recognize that business travel is essential to maintain relationships, advance projects and represent our company around the world. That said, we recognize the impact and are committed to minimizing that impact through offsetting. We invest in carbon reduction projects to offset the emissions of our business travel, creating a positive impact on our environment.


For us, fairness also means transparency and openness. We create a working environment in which communication takes place at eye level, ideas are heard and fair decisions are made. Regardless of position, background or gender, we treat every employee with respect and appreciation.

Our commitment to fairness extends across all areas of our business, from internal collaboration to interactions with our customers and partners. We are proud to be a team that builds on fairness to succeed together.