Report - Zauner Nachhaltigkeit

Sustainability Report

Our sustainability goals

As also outlined in our first CSR report, sustainable management has been of high importance in the ZAUNERGROUP for many years. The values lived in the company shape a responsible corporate culture. In doing so, we are convinced that it is necessary to take measures today to keep life worth living for future generations.
This can only be achieved by achieving a sensible balance between economic, ecological and social goals.

In 2020, the company published its first CSR report for fiscal 2019 with the title “We take responsibility”. This motto is an excellent complement to the existing guiding principle “Safety creates security,” as both basic principles are integrated into a holistic understanding of sustainability. With this new report for fiscal 2022, we report on the further development of sustainability management (formerly CSR management), on those activities that we have implemented since the last reporting period, and on the plans for the coming years. The focus here is on preparations for the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which will be relevant for the company from fiscal 2025.

The current report, published in September 2023, includes the companies Zaunergroup Holding (ZGH), Zauner Anlagentechnik (ZAT) and Zauner Industrie-Service (ZIS). If the ZAUNERGROUP is referred to, the companies ZGH, ZAT and ZIS are included.

When we talk about sustainability at ZAUNERGROUP, we always mean a multidimensional approach that encompasses the areas listed above.

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