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Management structure for sustainability

For the transformation to a sustainable company to succeed, sustainability must be deeply anchored in the organizational structure. An essential criterion for success also lies in the fact that the responsibility for sustainability is perceived by the management. At ZAUNERGROUP, the company founders Manfred Zauner and Franz Maurer have attached great importance to a responsible corporate culture from the very beginning. The implementation of a holistic sustainability management was initiated by Franz Maurer in 2019 at a very early stage compared to the industry. Franz Maurer himself is also a member of the interdisciplinary sustainability team and, in this function, takes a leading role in the further development of sustainability management.

Even after handing over the management to Roman Zauner and Andreas Beck, Manfred Zauner and Franz Maurer continue to stand for the strategic direction of the company as owner representatives and managing directors in Zaunergroup Holding. Roman Zauner and Andreas Beck continue the chosen path of sustainable transformation of the company with main responsibility. Progress in connection with the implementation of the sustainability strategy is reported to the owner representatives at regular intervals.

Sustainability team

As Sustainability Officer, Andreas Roth is the central contact person and interface between the sustainability team and the Zaunergroup Holding management.
Markus Steininger coordinates the implementation of sustainability activities as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Zauner Anlagentechnik and reports to the Zauner Anlagentechnik management.

Sustainability management is a cross-sectional function in the company. Therefore, the sustainability team is also composed of interdisciplinary employees from the most important functions of the organization. These individuals are responsible for managing sustainability activities in the areas assigned to them and for implementing measures.

Sustainability team